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All players will compete in the Parkland League for ages 8-14.

Players age 14-18 will compete in the fall Lehigh Valley Connie Mack League.


Tryouts will be in early August for Parkland League American League Teams.


Practices for Fall baseball will begin in mid-August and leagues run until early October.


Cost for fall baseball is $100


All players' registration fees are being raised to $110 this season to reflect the growing cost of equipment and umpire fees associated with teams at all levels.  In an effort to provide the best possible experience for all players, we will be working to upgrade our field equipment and build batting cages at many of our fields over the next two years. 

Lehigh Valley League (LVL), including Junior Legion (JL), Senior Legion (SL) and Connie Mack (CM)-These teams will be selected during several tryout sessions that will be scheduled for mid to late March.  All players will receive uniforms including shirts, hats and pants. NOTE: Junior Legion Age Change - In addition to 14 and 15 year olds, players turning 16 any time during the 2018 calendar year are also age-eligible to play Junior Legion DOB on or after 01/01/18.

Parkland League American League (PYL-AL)-All players who wish to compete at the more competitive American League Level must attend the tryouts for the Lehigh Valley League.  There may be additional tryouts for the Parkland League after the Lehigh Valley League teams have been selected, but only players attending the LVL tryouts will be considered for the Parkland League AL Teams.  The majority of the tryouts for both teams will run simultaneously.  Players in the Parkland League will receive uniforms that include a shirt and hat.

Parkland League National League (PYL-NL)-Players at the National League Level will be selected by a draft process following a coaches clinic*. All players who are not selected for the Lehigh Valley League or Parkland AL teams will play in the Parkland League at the National League level.   Players in the Parkland League will receive uniforms that include a shirt and hat. *Players MUST attend the coaches clinic in order to be drafted by a coach. Players who do not attend the clinic will still be placed on a team, but these players will be placed on a team through a RANDOM draw. PLEASE NOTE that players who have been selected for LVL and PYL-AL teams, as well as players who have been protected by coaches, DO NOT attend the coaches clinic. Coaches will receive additional instructions regarding protecting players.

Please note that pants will no longer be provided at most levels due to increasing costs and the difficulty of purchasing baseball pants for players of various sizes.  LVL teams and PYL-AL teams will wear gray pants.  Coaches at the PYL-NL level will decide whether their teams will wear gray or white pants.



South Parkland Youth Association takes pride in its players, parents, families, and volunteers, including the many coaches. Speaking on behalf of South Parkland Baseball, we appreciate the support and commitment of all our members throughout our in-house, recreational, and travel baseball programs.

Because baseball is a team sport, it requires a commitment from all involved. We expect this commitment at all levels of baseball, be it our in-house, recreational, or travel programs.  All players will be expected to make coaches aware during the tryout process any dates they will be unavailable so coaches can decide on a case by case basis if a player should be selected and the number of players that should be rostered for a team.  It will be at the discretion of each coach to decide if a player will be rostered who may miss time during the season.



1.    The complete tryout schedule will be posted at in mid January.

2.    We plan to adhere to the scheduled dates and times as posted (barring any unforeseen circumstances), but there may well be changes in location based on weather and field conditions. PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE FREQUENTLY FOR ANY CHANGES AND/OR UPDATES.  In an effort to give coaches the opportunity to see all players abilities, the majority of the tryouts will be outside.

3.    Tryout sessions will be posted by age, not by specific teams.

4.    Players must attend all posted sessions at their age level. If an extraordinary situation arises where a player is unable to attend a posted session, PLEASE EMAIL ME IMMEDIATELY at BASEBALL@SPYA.ORG.



1.    Players will be evaluated by a group of individuals that includes the head coach, head coaches from other travel levels, and/or other individuals with no child trying out for the team.

2.    Players will be given Number Tags to wear front and back during the sessions (NUMBER TAGS MUST BE RETURNED AT THE END OF EACH SESSION).

3.    Information will be posted on the website after each tryout session with instructions for the following sessions (e.g., “All Players should return to the next session”; “The following players should return to the next session”, etc.)



1.    High school players who are trying out for their school team, depending upon the rules of the high school the player attends, may or may not be allowed to attend the South Parkland tryout sessions.

2.    High school players who are registered for South Parkland and are unable to attend the South Parkland tryouts are automatically rostered on one of our LVL teams if they make their high school junior varsity or varsity team.

a.    The decision as to which team a junior varsity or varsity player will be placed on will be made by the Junior Legion, Connie Mack, and Senior Legion head coaches, in conjunction with the Baseball Commissioner, and will be based on multiple factors.

b.    Junior varsity and varsity players will join their respective South Parkland teams as soon as the high school seasons have ended, and will make the same commitment to their South Parkland teams as are made by the players at the younger Lehigh Valley League levels.


For the benefit of all the SPYA kids who are playing baseball this spring, ALL families must either volunteer for 5 or more hours OR pay an additional $50 in place of volunteering.


*SPYA Baseball policy only allows a child to "play-up" a level under specific circumstances and with the approval of the baseball commissioner. Any player requesting to play-up must have an in-season birth date (May-June-July), must have a recommendation from a previous coach, and must have previously played for SPYA. For developmental and safety reasons, no child will be considered without meeting these requirements.


by posted 01/11/2018


Spring Baseball Levels
Level LVL* PYL**
Biddy (A) 9-10 9-10
Midget (AA) 11-12 11-12
Knee-Hi (AAA) 13-14 13-15
Junior Legion 14-15 N/A
Connie Mack 15-16 N/A
Majors N/A 16-18
Senior Legion 16-19 N/A


*Players must attend tryouts to be selected for the Lehigh Valley League (LVL) Teams

** The Parkland Youth League (PYL) is divided into 2 levels. The more competitive level (American League - AL) requires players to try out. The less competitive level (National League - NL) DOES NOT require players to tryout.



Mission Statement


The Mission of the South Parkland Baseball Program is to make available within the community of Parkland an effectively organized and implemented youth baseball program in which each participant can obtain a positive, competitive, and rewarding developmental and participatory experience in the game of baseball.


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