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Just a quick reminder, tryouts for Connie Mack, Junior Legion, LVL Knee Hi & AL PYL Knee Hi begin tonight. Few items : 

JV Players - do not need to attend, you will be placed on either Connie Mack or Junior Legion. The boys are expected to attend both days. If you can not make one you need to let me know. 

Junior Legion - for those wanting to play, please bring your wood bat. It is a wood back only league.

Please have your waiver completed and signed. This will get you into the facility quicker. SPYA Baseball will hold tryouts for Connie Mack, Junior Legion, LVL Knee Hi & AL PYL Knee Hi teams simultaneously.

Currently there are two tryouts scheduled. Each session is scheduled for approximately 90 minutes.

Where: St Luke's West End Medical Center 501 Cetronia Road, Allentown, PA 18104.

When: Thursday March 21st - 8 PM Friday March 22nd - 6:30 PM

Players must sign in at the desk with the attached waiver form completed. If you have been to this facility with another group or are a member of the facility, you will NOT need to fill out a second waiver. Parents will NOT be permitted in the area used for tryouts. The parent viewing/waiting area is available and overlooks another part of the facility. Please come prepared in sneakers with your baseball gear. You must attend the tryouts to be eligible for any of the following teams - Connie Mack, Junior Legion, LVL Knee Hi & AL PYL Knee Hi. Those who prefer to play on a NL PYL Knee Hi team do NOT need to attend. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

by posted 03/21/2019
Lehigh Valley League Midget Team

Congratulations to the following players that have been selected to play on Coach Hahn's Lehigh Valley League Midget Team: Aiden Anderson, Nick Bauer, Grant Damweber, Carter DeLong, Eric Friday, Charlie Hahn, Owen Nugent, Mackaden Parsell, Seth Rohrbach, Julian Santiago, Jack Streeter and Carter Wanamaker.

by posted 03/19/2019
Lehigh Valley League Biddy Team

Congratulations to the following players for being chosen to play on Coach Strobl's Lehigh Valley League Biddy Team: Joseph Colon, Liam Gerhart, Luke Habash, Gavin Hudak, Nolan Parsell, Blake Peters, Jake Santiago, Jake Strobl, Shaye Wanamaker, Ryder Williams and Riley Zimmerman

by posted 03/17/2019


Spring Baseball Levels
Level LVL* PYL**
Biddy (A) 9-10 9-10
Midget (AA) 11-12 11-12
Knee-Hi (AAA) 13-14 13-15
Junior Legion 14-15 N/A
Connie Mack 15-16 N/A
Majors N/A 16-18
Senior Legion 16-19 N/A


*Players must attend tryouts to be selected for the Lehigh Valley League (LVL) Teams

** The Parkland Youth League (PYL) is divided into 2 levels. The more competitive level (American League - AL) requires players to try out. The less competitive level (National League - NL) DOES NOT require players to tryout.



Mission Statement


The Mission of the South Parkland Baseball Program is to make available within the community of Parkland an effectively organized and implemented youth baseball program in which each participant can obtain a positive, competitive, and rewarding developmental and participatory experience in the game of baseball.


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