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South Parkland Varsity Players Hit the Big Time!

Pictured below from South Parkland: Ryan Giovenco (P), Matt Mellinger (1B), Tyler Bruno (2B) and Cullan Wadsworth (RF) in the Parkland High School Varsity 4-2 win over Nazareth at Coca Cola Park!


posted 04/29/2016
Congratulations SPYA Biddy Red

LTAA Biddy Tournament Champs


Back row standing (L-R): Jack Urso, Jaiden Wanamaker, Tayden Miller, Joey Gerbasio, Nate Bartholomew
Second row kneeling (L-R): Trevor Brunner, Aaron Wakeling
Front row sitting (L-R): Nick Janis, Nilay Patel, Connor McBrearty, Trevor Grice, Kurt Meehan

posted 04/20/2016
Baseball Levels
Level LVL* PYL**
Biddy (A) 9-10 9-10
Midget (AA) 11-12 11-12
Knee-Hi (AAA) 13-14 13-15
Junior Legion 14-15 N/A
Connie Mack 15-16 N/A
Majors N/A 16-18
Senior Legion 16-19 N/A


*Players must attend tryouts to be selected for the Lehigh Valley League (LVL) Teams

** The Parkland Youth League (PYL) is divided into 2 levels. The more competitive level (American League - AL) requires players to try out. The less competitive level (National League - NL) DOES NOT require players to tryout.



Mission Statement


The Mission of the South Parkland Baseball Program is to make available within the community of Parkland an effectively organized and implemented youth baseball program in which each participant can obtain a positive, competitive, and rewarding developmental and participatory experience in the game of baseball.